How to Get Started and Build Your Blog

I've decided to stop dragging my feet and jump in to freelance writing.  I figure, what's a better time to start a new, high-risk career than an economic depression?  Here is a sample article from my portfolio… Looking at popular blog sites like Dooce ( or Lifehacker ( makes many amateur (and some professional) writers say… Continue reading How to Get Started and Build Your Blog

The blog post that isn’t

I was going to write about the "Bridges Out of Poverty" training I received today, but I am just way too exhausted (three modifiers, count them, three modifiers for exhausted, ah ah ah…I must be tired.  I promise, I will post an entry about "Bridges Out of Poverty." Really, I will, I swear. Good night,… Continue reading The blog post that isn’t


Most people that have spent any time in a Corporate or Government environment are familiar with ‘SMART Goals’. SMART stands for: Specific Measurable Achievable Realistic/Relevant Timely/Time-Bound At my job, all employees are required to come up with three SMART Goals at their annual evaluation. It is recommended that we provide one long-term goal (over one… Continue reading SMART Goals

Deep thought

counting syllablesto make meaningless statements,haikus are stupid

Still alive

Once upon a time, I promised myself that I would post an entry in my blog every day, or at least 4-5 times a week.  How about every other week?  Monthly?  Okay, okay, okay, I will post an entry at least once every six months, whether I need it or not. I have excuses, school…work…sleep,… Continue reading Still alive

Don’t even call me sexy

I have to admit it, I kinda like Hillary Clinton.  I always have.  As I’ve said in other places, if she takes her husband’s approach to political leadership, she would make a pretty good President, and the country would be better for it.  She would take public opinion into account when making decisions, and as… Continue reading Don’t even call me sexy