Welcome to CosmicDog Online

For many years, I used my TypePad blog for both personal and business activities. It worked well enough, since freelance writing and editing jobs were not high on my priority list and the bulk of my online time was devoted to personal expression. Recently, however, through my association with a new website called The Geekery Online, I’ve discovered that I am quite good at this work and rather enjoy it. So, I am expanding my business and marketing plans. Hence, the all new CosmicDog Online.

This space will be used to highlight and promote all of my creative and technical skills and passions, mostly involving writing, editing, web design, and music. You can expect to see new articles and short fiction, perhaps even some longer works of fiction. There will be examples of elegant web design, especially custom WordPress themes. And, of course, there will be new music.

This day and age, it’s important to be versatile and it’s good to be one’s own boss.

I hope you enjoy what I will be bringing forth in the coming weeks and months. I especially hope that you enjoy it enough to hire me for a project or two. I would like that very much.

So, again, welcome to CosmicDog Online!