About that $4000 you owe me…


Gibson has released a Kiefer Sutherland model guitarI MUST HAVE IT!!!  Normally, I would never consider spending $4000 for a guitar, even if I had that kind of money.  But, Good Lord, Jack-Frickin’-BaKs336_2uer’s guitar?  Are you kidding me?! 

So, if you have that $4000 you owe me (you know who you are), it’s time to pay up.  Otherwise, if the 1000 of you that I loaned $4 can get that back to me, that would be good too.

Alternatively, you can purchase some immortality.  Give me some money and a I will write and perform a song for you with my new Gibson KS-336.  Seriously.  Drop me an e-mail.  For realzies.

Oh, and read the article/interview on Gibson‘s website with Kiefer.  It’s full of awesome.







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