None like it HOT!

I’m a little late for the bandwagon, but everyone should see ‘An Inconvenient Truth‘.  I don’t care what your politics are, just watch with an open mind.  At the very least, Mr. Gore does a good job of explaining the problem and it’s significance.  And where many Environmentalists advocate radical actions that will, frankly, never happen (i.e. shutting down ALL the power plants, everybody driving electric cars, etc.) or Despair, I found Mr Gore’s ideas to be both practical and hopeful.  If we do our part, it will make a difference.  Small things like: recycling, using energy efficient appliances, and driving cars with better fuel economy; can make a difference.  And, hey, all those things benefit us, as well.  Lower energy bills and gasoline expenses would certainly help me out.  Give it some thought.






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