I can hardly believe it myself

I actually got something done today.  And I’m not just referring to deleting the old shows off my DVR. 

I went down to my church and completely reinstalled the sound system.  You see, in addition to being the web master, pianist, and guitarist for the Vineyard Christian Fellowship of Modesto, I am also the sound engineer. 

Our setup is pretty simple, it’s kinda cobbled together from the equipment that was left behind when we were robbed a few years ago.  However, we faced some challenges when we moved into the new building last year, one of which is that half the power outlets on the stage are not grounded.  This is bad news for power amps and such.  So we put part of the equipment, the mixer and monitor amps on the stage, and the main power amps in a closet to the side.  This would have been fine, even with the cables trailing across the floor, except that we would sometimes forget to turn the main amps on.  (By we, I mean people who try to run the sound system that are not me).  Also, closets tend to get filled with useful items that just happen to not be useful at the moment.  So it was getting harder and harder to get to the cabinet to turn the amps on. 

As for the stage setup, when we first started at this new building, I was playing bass on Sunday mornings, which for communications sake and for the hearing of the backup singers, meant that was usually on the right side of the stage.  So we placed the mixer on right side so I could adjust the monitor mix and the house mix.  Nowadays, I split Sunday mornings between playing guitar and piano, which is on the left side of the stage.

I pulled all the cables and moved the cabinets to the left side of the stage.  By the way, it’s was no small feat getting the power amp cabinet on the stage, that thing is heavy!  I plugged everything back in and nothing exploded, a good sign to be sure.  So, I decided to add another monitor to the stage.  I also moved the digital piano and raised its stand so that could more easily transition between guitar and piano, and since I’m standing, it’s a bit easier to sing.  I think everything looks really good and I’m looking forward to how my pastor/worship leader (band leader to you non-churchy folk) receives it.

Anyway, I’m exhausted and covered in dust.  I’m going to go take shower and go to bed.






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