Hillary Clinton – second best choice for women?

Edwards: Husband better than Hillary

WASHINGTON (AP) — Elizabeth Edwards said Tuesday that her husband, Democrat John Edwards, would be a better advocate for women as president than his rival Hillary Rodham Clinton.

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I have yet to decide which candidate I’m going to support, but Mrs Clinton is a strong contender.  I’m not sure where she sits on all women’s issues, but whatever, not my problem (being male myself), right?

Well, according to Mrs Edwards, Universal Health Care and Poverty are Women’s Issues.  I take exception to that. 

I grew up poor and on Medicaid (we call it Medi-Cal here in California).  I spent much of my adult life working jobs that either didn’t provide healthcare insurance or charged too much for it.  I’ve pulled broken teeth out my head instead of going to the dentist.  I’ve gone weeks only eating Top Ramen. 

Women are the face of poverty?  Bullshit.  Healthcare is a women’s issue?  Double bullshit.

Following that logic – crime is a women’s issue, because women are victims of crime;  taxes are a women’s issue, because women pay taxes;  the war on terror is a women’s issue, because women are the victims of terrorism.

The healthcare crisis in this country effects everybody, men and women.  Both men and women suffer from poverty.  To say that they affect women more than men is both inaccurate and sexist.

I don’t know how Mrs Clinton would tackle these issues, but these are not Women’s Issues, they are Our Issues.

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  1. Well here is a place to start:
    Sure these issues are for both genders or many cultures etc but the question is who will help women the most on the issues which are most important to them. Women are still most often having to support children on their reduced wages then men are. While some men in some states are getting full custody it is certainly still more porportionally women. Women’s health care is more of an issue as we first of all go to the doctor quicker & heck dealing with say heart disease rather than men just dying of a heart attack because they do not go is going to be more costly. Taking your children is more costly etc so I would take exception to your point.

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