Can I have my Escalade and be an Evironmentalist…You betcha!

From Wales, a box to make biofuel from car fumes

Thu Jul 19, 2007 10:01AM EDT

QUEENSFERRY (Reuters) – The world’s richest corporations and finest minds spend billions trying to solve the problem of carbon emissions, but three fishing buddies in North Wales believe they have cracked it.

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Basically, some Welshmen have developed a box that can be adapted and connected to your car’s emissions system.  It captures up to 95% of your vehicle’s Carbon emissions.  The idea is to remove the box when you fill up your car and empty it into a bio-reactor.  The Carbon emissions are then fed to algae that creates bio-oil, which can be made into bio-diesel.  And voila, a much cleaner earth and, I would expect, a dramatic decrease in greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.

They are seeking capital for further development, as well as working with the British government.  They have been developing and testing their invention for the last two years.

This is exciting news.  If I had the money, I would certainly invest in this idea.






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