‘Dilbert’ Moments

I had an interesting experience at work today that reminded me of an interesting exchange at McDonald’s are couple years ago.

At work:  I was entering case information into the system when I come across a drop-down box I hadn’t seen before.  It was labeled ‘Presumptive Eligibility Card Indicator’ and the choices were yes, no, or blank.  I wasn’t sure what to do, so I clicked on the help icon.  It said – Presumptive Eligibilty Card Indicator: This drop-down box allows the worker to select the Presumptive Eligibility Card indicator.  No shit.

McDonald’s:  I ordered a couple of hamburgers.  When I unwrapped the first one, I noticed that it had NO MEAT.  I went up to the guy at the counter and said "This hamburger doesn’t have any meat," to which he replied, "Did you ask for no meat?"  I wanted to say, "Yes, I ordered a hamburger with no meat and then came up here to complain about it having no meat.  Here’s your sign."  Instead, I just said "No, I didn’t."  I’m thinking of changing the story in the future to include the ironic comment, but I’m not sure anyone would believe it.






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