Dis Blog r 4 sell

"Money for nothin’ and the chicks for free" – Dire Straits

I’ve put ads on my site.  See them hiding over there?  I decided to try it for three reasons: Motivation, Curiousity, and Greed.

Motivation: I want to improve my writing, therefore, I must write.  It’s a simple, straight-forward logical reality.  There is absolutely no way around it.  However, I am lazy.  Very lazy.  And tired.  From all the laziness.  Um…What was I saying?  Oh, yeah.  The potential for reward will, I hope, encourage me to write higher quality articles, write more often, and try to build an audience.  Thereby improving my writing so that I can further build an audience and receive further compensation… It’s a vicious cylcle that I hope will resolve itself into a fantastic second career.

Curiousity:  It’s interesting to see what kind of ads show up via AdSense.  There are times when I see google ads on blogs that reflect the exact opposite message that the blog is trying to convey.  I’m curious to see how my words are interpreted by the algorithm.

Greed:  I want money, but I don’t want to work too hard for it, and I don’t want to risk the money I already have on the stock market or the lottery.  So, short of actually schilling for other’s interests, I’ll give them space to try it here.

Now I just need to build an audience, which necessitates figuring out what to write about and/or link to.






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