In which ego surfing exacts its price

I did a google search on the term ‘cosmicdog’ just to see how many other cosmicdog’s are out there and how I ranked amongst them.  The good news: the top two results refer to me. #2 is this site. #1 is my ficlets profile.  This wold normally give me a happy, however, the text that is displayed under the summary for my ficlets profile on the search results page stands as an accusation and rebuke.  Thusly:

Ficlets | CosmicDog’s ficlets

CosmicDog’s published ficlets. CosmicDog hasn’t written any stories yet! CosmicDog’s contacts. CosmicDog hasn’t added any contacts yet! – 7k – CachedSimilar pagesNote this

Seems kinda harsh.  Maybe I’m being too sensitive.

It’s nice to be first, but it’s hard to be proud.






2 responses to “In which ego surfing exacts its price”

  1. Kevin Lawver Avatar

    Well, you could always write a story or add a contact. 8)
    If you have a suggestion for better wording on that page, let me know!

  2. cosmicdog Avatar

    Oh…so you’re saying that it’s my fault. Now we’re judging eachother for things that we’ve done? Real nice, Kevin, real class act. If you are going to be reasonable, I can’t fight with you!
    Seriously, though, it cracked me up when I saw that. It was so unexepected. In the past when I’ve ego-surfed, it was much more likely to find my comments on other people’s blogs rather than my blog or profile, or other CosmicDogs. When I saw that CosmicDog’s Awareness was #2, I was kind of excited. Then to see the ficlets profile right above it, it was hilarious.
    It’s exclamation points, by the way, that make it so poignant.
    I almost don’t want to do anything on ficlets, just so I could always look at that. Really, it’s just so funny.

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