Library Thing

This is very cool.  I’ve been trying to organize my personal library for months now and it’s been a pain in the butt.  I was looking for some software to help me simplify this task and a stumbled upon this siteLibraryThing allows book lovers to quickly and easily create an account and enter the contents of their library.  You can search for your book using the title, author, ISBN, and other methods.  It has links to Amazon and the Library of Congress, and it can even pull up the book cover from Amazon or you can upload your own.

I built a couple of widgets, their located on the left hand side of this page, using tools on the LibraryThing site.  If you want to handle things yourself, they even give you access to their API and you can download your library in CSV or Tab-Delimited format for handling with Excel or another program.

Let’s not forget the social aspect.  You can find other people that have similar tastes and you can join groups.

You can enjoy most of the benefits of the site for free.  You can enter up to 200 books with the free account or you can pay $10 a year or $25 for a lifetime account and be able to enter as many books as you want.  I find it quite addicting.  I was supposed to be writing today, instead I chose to enter my entire library.  It is very cool indeed (in a nerdy-bookworm sort of way).






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