No rest for the weary

Democrats vow all-night session on Iraq


Associated Press Writer

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Senate this week will pull its first all-night debate on the Iraq war in advance of a vote on whether to bring home all combat troops by next spring, Democrats said Monday.

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I hope they accomplish something.

It’s impossible to see the end of this.  If we stay, there will continue to be loss of life and money, political goodwill, peace and security of our nation, etc.  However, if we leave, there will be substantial loss of life and money, political goodwill, stability of the region, etc.

We still haven’t found Osama Bin Laden, not that that matters anymore.  If we took down Bin Laden, there would be twelve guys ready to take his place.  Even so, he is not hiding in Iraq.  Do I believe that Al-Queda is involved with the Iraqi insurgents?  Yeah, why not?  Strike while the iron is hot.  We have already radicalized much of the Iraqi population.  It should be easy for them to find recruits for their cause.  Let’s just say I have a ‘gut-feeling’.

I don’t know if this is an illegal war or not.  I do know that we are not doing it right.  It may time to stop the bleeding, for the US anyway.  Iraq says it’s strong enough to take care of itself.  Maybe it’s time to let them.

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