Someone saw fit to break into my car last night and relieve me of two guitars: a Gibson EC-10 acoustic/electric guitar (Blue) and a Ibanez SZ-320 electric guitar (Brown Sunburst).  The Ibanez is replaceable, the Gibson is not.  It was a gift from my uncle after he heard me sing at my mother’s funeral.  They don’t make it anymore.  I feel so helpless.  The police were responsive, they took fingerprints and everything, but I don’t hold out much hope that I’ll get my guitars back.  I’ve managed not to cry, except on the inside.






2 responses to “VIOLATED”

  1. Mary Dell Avatar

    Hey, CD, that sucks. Do you have car insurance? Because I’m pretty sure that you can make a claim against it for a theft like this. That doesn’t help with the personal loss but it may help with the financial part of things.

  2. CosmicDog Avatar

    Thanks, Mary. Unfortunately, I’m only carrying liability insurance on my car, it’s 15 years old. However, my church is helping me with some money. I’ve already ordered new instruments. It helps, I would go crazy if I couldn’t play guitar, but I’m sad about my uncle’s guitar. It’s irreplaceable.

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