Well, this is embarrassing. Also added archived posts.

(It seems I have a lot of blog posts about how I don’t blog. Oh well, I can handle it.)

So, I posted a little over a year and half ago that 2013 was the Year of Living Creatively and the Year of Finishing Things.

Fail! #fail

I didn’t do it. I watched a lot of TV, though. That was cool. I guess that I wasn’t that interested in creating, after all. Not enough to break me from my laziness. I’m trying not to judge myself.

On the other hand, I am doing well in my new job. (Oh yeah, by the way, I started a new job in 2013. I didn’t mention that in this blog, because I haven’t mentioned anything in this blog.) I’m sure I’ll talk more about my job and the interesting challenges and opportunities it presents later. I’m hesitant to talk about it too much because my employers like to keep a low profile and much of the work I do is confidential. But I can talk about things in a general sense and I can talk about the industry, which I will. I promise. Maybe. We’ll see.

I’ve also had lots of interesting interactions on Facebook. An argument can be made, and has been made, that Facebook (and Twitter) has made blogs irrelevant. People can communicate their ideas and share stories with friends much easier in the “micro-blogging” style these platforms provide. I agree, up to a point. What is lacking in the Facebook platform is the ability effectively present long-form articles and journals. In that sense, I don’t think blogs will be leaving the scene anytime soon. My hope is that the micro-blogging/social media platforms will weed out the (let’s call them) non-storytellers from the blogosphere. It’s sounds kind of arrogant or cocky, and maybe it is, but if all you have to say is what you did today, you have a couple of stinging political comments (without analysis), or you just want to share what somebody else said, then I think social media is the place for you. If you want to go in-depth, talk about the issues, engage in discussion, or have some expression of ideas that won’t fit in a Facebook update, then a blog is the right tool for you. I plan to continue to be active in social media, as well as blog. Again, we’ll see. I hope so. I like to write!

Speaking of writing/blogging, I discovered that my old TypePad account is still active. I thought that I had deleted it, but nope! For a period of time, mostly in 2007, I was very active. I blogged at least weekly, often more. I enjoyed reading my posts and putting looking through those particular eyes again. This was a period where I my political point of view was emerging and I starting challenging the conservative perspective that framed most of opinions and was becoming more liberal. At that time, I was also very active on some other websites with strong communities, “Making Light” in particular. My blog was actually trending for a period of time. I’ve imported those posts into this blog, so check out the archives, if you’re interested.

I’m not going to declare the rest of 2015 as the Year of Something Something, but I am feeling like I have something to say again. Turns out, I’m feminist. I didn’t know. I want to talk about that. I also want to talk about policy and economics and the law of unintended consequences. I will be promoting this blog on social media and other sites. I’m hoping to get some conversations going. That would be cool.

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