What I should probably say is nothing, but…

Seriously, if you are looking for skilled freelance writer, for goodness sake, proofread your job posting. 

You are not likely to have quality articles written if you ask for quality articles to be ‘writen’.  I may be shooting myself in the foot here, as potential employers may come to this site to check out my writing, nevertheless you, Mister Employer, need to know that I am judging you the same way you are judging me.  By having simple errors in your post, you communicate that you do not care about how you or your project is perceived.  So, why should I care? 

The money, you say?  Well, these things go hand in hand.  Employers that have higher standards tend to have better reputations.  They tend to be more successful in business and, therefore, are able to pay higher rates to their contractors.  There’s a plus side for you, too.  Attracting and hiring excellent writers will lead to higher quality content leading, ultimately, to more revenue for your company.  It’s a beautiful thing.  Also, I am not likely to trust an employer to pay me fairly and on time if they are so careless with their communications; call it a personal bias.

So, let me leave you with a couple of tips:

1. Your job posting (and all other correspondence) should be written according to quality and standards you want to receive from your contracting employee.

2. Write up your ad in a word processor and use spell-check and grammar-check before posting it to the job board/freelance site.  Beware, some word processors apply some formatting codes that are not very friendly when copied and pasted to web forms (I’m looking at you Microsoft Word).  At least type it up in a word processor even if you have to re-write it in plain text.

This may seem somewhat arrogant coming from someone who has not, as of yet, sold much writing.  Be that as it may, at least I noticed that the word was misspelled (four times in the same post), that should count for something. 🙂

Oh yeah, ‘I’, when you are refering to yourself, is always capatalized.  Of course you knew that, and that’s my point.  It’s just careless.






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