Plotting & Machine Writing

As an “Evil Genius”, I am quite comfortable plotting my next scheme or the demise of my enemies, but I have the hardest time coming up with a plot for a story.  Premise?  No problem.  Characters? Check.  Background, Setting, etc.?  Yep. Conflict/Resolution/Character growth?  Umm…

I kinda, sorta wish their was a “Sims” game for writing.  I could do all the setup, create the characters, establish certain behaviors, and just let them go at it.  Of course, it would lack my personal style (if any), but it would at least be a good place to start or revise.

I don’t really want that, in my heart.  I would not be as invested in the story, in the creation.  I would not love the story and, as day follows night, neither would anyone else.

The scary/exciting thing is I’m sure that someone is working on something like this.  Could you imagine an RPG with instantly created, imersive, and unique storylines and missions created specifically for individual players and/or teams?  I’d buy that game.  I probably wouldn’t buy that book.






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