Research, Ideas

I finally have an idea for a SciFi story:

The year is 2025. The Digital age has come to maturity. All electronic devices are connected to a wireless high speed international network. All computer applications, files, games, media, entertainment, and information is distributed through this Network. Access is granted through your DNA code. Any attempt to remain anonymous is illegal. The only ones off the Net are criminals and terrorists, and the special investigators that hunt them.

This is just the setting of the story, I look forward to walking around in it and seeing what stories develop.

This is inspired by:

1. The convergence of digital media and information, i.e. TV and movies through the Internet, and digital devices that have multiple uses, i.e. my Palm TX plays video and music, accesses the Internet, and even controls my TV.

2. DRM and and the DMCA.

3. The Patriot Act and the current administration abuse of power and disregard for individual privacy.

4. And, of course, ’24’.

And now, I’m off to do some research.






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