So, according to XKCD, I am the least interesting man in the world.

I will not, therefore, apologize for not posting much over the last few months.  I'm the one that pays for this site, dammit, not you.  Where do you get off, anyway, buddy?!

Sorry.  Sorry.  I didn't mean to get abusive, it happens when I'm feeling defensive.  Are we cool?

Anyway, I'm back, baby.  Strap yourselves in for some kick-ass blogging and writing and suchlike!

I've decided to join the 100 Themes Boot Camp on DeviantArt.  Thankfully, they've made provision for us writer-y people that, you know, prefer to use 1000 words to tell a story rather than one picture.  The big idea for me is to get to writing, quick-like.  'Cause, you see, if I don't, when my unemployment runs out, I'm going to have to get another job, working in an office or something, for someone else that is not me.  That can't happen.  No way.  I'm also trying to pick up carpentry.  At least I wouldn't be working at a desk all day.  That really needs to not happen.

So there you go.  The next entry in this blog will be my first entry for the 100 Themes Boot Camp.


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