If we don’t perform, in what sense do we have an act?

I want to take a minute to remind everybody how unfair life is.

Today’s lesson:  Wil Wheaton is a really decent guy who cares about people and how he affects the world.  Yet, he is not an "A-list" celebrity and has, in fact, taken a lot of crap from people.  Check out this post.

See what I mean?  Life is unfair, not because Wil isn’t a millionaire, he actually seems to be pretty happy with what he’s got, which is another point for him.  No, it’s unfair, because our culture is obsessed with fame and celebrity.  I wouldn’t have a problem with that, if not for the fact that most ‘celebrities’ are jerks.  Well, maybe not, but the ones that are always in the papers and tabloid shows are.  So we, as a culture, a being taught that to get ahead and become known is to be an ass. 

Life is unfair because there aren’t more people like Wil Wheaton, or if there are, we don’t care about them.

Lesson over.  Stayed tuned for lessons about how water is wet and rocks are hard.



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